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Image by Seth Doyle


Summer Class

Welcome Kids from 5-15 to join!

26th June - 28th August

Every Saturday 12:00-1:30pm

10 Sessions in total


Tricking is a performance based mixed martial art. It incorporated gymnastic, break-dancing, capoeira, taekwondo and other martial arts. Tricking includes kicking, flipping and twisting actions. By combining these three elements, you form a "combos" which showcases your own Tricking style!


We use a progressive teaching method to allow children to learn in a safe environment. Not only tricking can enhance children's concentration, but also their physical coordination, self-confidence and social skills, and gains a sense of success from hard-working experience! 

Why Tricking?

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Concentration and focus

  • Challenge and break through

  • Coordination

  • Social skills

  • Stamina and flexibility


Coach Alan Cheng

  • Martial Art Tricking Coach

  • Hong Kong Stuntman Association Member

  • Bachelor in Sport Business Management

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