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5 Reasons You Should Give CrossFit A Try

CrossFit has been catching on around the globe, many coaches and athletes have started to adopt CrossFit training or add CrossFit elements in their training programme. We have discussed that people of all ages and gender can participate in CrossFit training, so why should we choose CrossFit? Here are 5 reasons that you should give CrossFit a try.

1. Effective and efficient

CrossFit workouts include a lot of movements modified from different sports, of which different body parts and abilities are trained in the programme, such as mobility and agility. Moreover, the programme in CrossFit training is concentrated, where people will train in high intensity, resulting in a larger amount of calories burnt. The American College of Exercise had once suggested that doing CrossFit can allow 20 calories and 12 calories burnt per minute in men and women respectively, researchers also discovered that CrossFit can elevate your metabolic rate after the workout.

2. Varied workouts

Workout of the Day (WOD), a programme that appears in CrossFit training, often includes a variety of movements and exercises that differs from the previous ones. Despite the target muscles being the same, the same routine will never appear twice. Participants can experience different kinds of routines with different movements, so that they won’t feel bored and replicated.

3. Enhance cardiorespiratory health

Some people suggest that a 64% to 94% of maximum heart rate spotted during the exercise is found to be beneficial to enhancing endurance. The intensity of a CrossFit workout is similar to that of sprinting, where the maximum heart rate during the workout is between 64% and 94%. CrossFit is also believed to be effective in increasing VO2 max (amount of oxygen you can utilize during exercise) and decreasing resting heart rate, as your cardiac muscles become stronger to pump more blood each time.

4. Strive for better quality of life

People of similar thoughts and objectives as yours gather in the same gym: coaches will guide and encourage you to become better and live healthier, other train-mates share their experiences in training and eating, and how they persevere in regular training. Training in this atmosphere will inspire you to start your own routine and new habits, which improve your health and quality of life.

5. Strong bondings

In CrossFit training, all participants are upholding the same main goal: get fit. Working toward the same goal allows us to share a common experience, where we cheer others up and support each other no matter before, during or after the training. We train together, and soar high together as train-mates and as friends.

Apart from these incentives of doing CrossFit, there are also other benefits CrossFit training can provide you with, are you ready to go for CrossFit training? In fact, using free weights or machines to train also have their own benefits, and there is no absolute guarantee that which one is better than the other. Thus, you should understand what you want to achieve through the training, as well as your wants and concerns before choosing the best training method for yourself.

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